World of Warcraft zombie

Yes, capsule online I’m still alive. I took a little vacation from writing about my vacation. I’m going to begin making more regular updates again as a way of proving that I have some will power.

Cirque du Soleil was amazing. Katie and I both enjoyed the show a great deal despite our less-than-stellar seats behind a pole. Katie was a bit dismayed that so many that the performers were dedicated to a much greater degree than many of the musicians that we know. It means that there are about ten companies of people that form Cirqui du Soleil who are all more dedicated that our musician friends. It’s hard to believe the amount of practice that must be involved in putting one of these shows together so that no one dies in executing the complex stunts that they pull.

Bonzai TreeI posted some pictures about a week or two ago from the Columbus Bontanical Garden and the Zoo. I hope to take my mom to the botanical garden at some point because it was spectacular. It’s based on an old greenhouse with many new additions to it including a rainforest, dosage a madagascar area, recuperation a butterfly garden, and even a japanese rock garden with bonsai accents. Interspersed with the many gardens was a large collection of colorful blown glass. I had to be careful taking pictures at the botanical garden because I had to save space in order to be able to take pictures at the zoo the following day.

The zoo was also much better than I expected it to be. We arrived on Wednesday, which is when the citizens of Franklin County are given free admission to the zoo. Even so, Katie and I found that the layout of the zoo made it feel as though there weren’t very may people there. It was rare that we didn’t have a good view of the animals from a shady area. BonoboThough we didn’t have sunscreen with us, we were in the shade so much of the time that neither of us turned even a little pink after spending most of the day there. Although we had great views of the animals, it was almost always through plexiglass with lots of reflections and smudges from people leaning on it. It was tremendously difficult to try and get any decent pictures of animals because I either got a distorted picture through the smudges on the glass or I got huge amounts of glare from the reflections. By the end of the day, I was wishing that I had taken more pictures at the garden and not saved so much space for the zoo.

The bottom line is that Columbus, Ohio is not the boring place that the rest of the world expects it to be. At it’s core, it’s a college town, not a state capital. It does have the funding of a state capital, however. There are many great pieces of architecture there as well as a great cultural feeling to the city. I highly recommend spending a little time there if you haven’t already.

I’ve had a secret that I’ve been keeping from people other than Katie for these past two weeks. I’ve been hiding in front of my monitor day after day because I have succombed to playing World of Warcraft. For those of you that don’t know about it, refractionist Word of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG in techie lingo). I have quite a few friends around here that had already started playing the game, diabetes and pregnancy but I had held out because Blizzard, the company that makes WoW, hasn’t released a linux version of the game. Of course, I was also a little concerned because those same friends had taken to fondly calling the game “Warcrack” because of its highly adictive nature.

Sure enough, it’s been two weeks and I am thoroughly adicted. I find myself thinking about the game at odd times of the day. For example, “I wonder…would I gain experience faster by hopping a ship to another part of the continent and doing quests there or should I stay here and do these hard ones slowly?” I needn’t worry about such things too much because I’m moving up the ranks fairly quickly, but I’m not satisfied with what I have attained in the game. I want more.

I’m beginning to think that I should start limitting my time playing the game for my own health. I know that spending this much effort on a stupid video game probably isn’t healthy.

Ooops…I have to go. My party is just heading out to take on a monster much too large for us!

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  1. The first step… is admitting you have a problem!


    No worries, I know how you feel! It is an amazing game with a HUGE storyline/territory to explore.


  2. So, what character class are you?

    Lvl 38 Warrior, will break lvl 60 at some time asymtotically approaching infinity.

  3. Right now I’m a lvl 25 druid, but I’m slowly and surely making my way up the ranks.

    My alt’s a lvl 10 shaman. I don’t give him much time as I like the flexibility of the druid. I still can’t bring myself to play on a pvp server. I’d be outgunned in many, many ways.

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