Warm Fall Day

This weekend is the big move. My mom is moving out of my family’s high school residence and moving into a new place of her own in Livonia. This means that I’m going to be back up in the Detroit area for the weekend.
It’s a warm fall day outside and I’m stuck indoors for a while longer. It isn’t really my first choice, viagra buy but I’ll make do. I’m not quite sure what makes me so sure that it’s fall day…maybe it’s the color of the sun’s rays as they help to warm up houses from white to pale yellow; it probably doesn’t matter.

Knowing that it’s fall makes me think fondly of hiding on a couch with a comforter, visit a good book, and a cat or two. A football game on TV would make it just perfect. I’ve been practicing for this eventually perfect weekend, but I haven’t yet done it just right.

In other news, I helped move my mom to her new house in the middle of September. It was all done in one weekend…at least all the stuff was moved that one weekend. I’m sure that she’ll be unpacking things for the forseeable future. She’s got a very nice house that’s just the size that she wanted. At this point most of the boxes from the move are sitting downstairs in the finished basement.

Since that time I’ve been engrossed in work. A good example of that is when I had to visit Detroit for a day and half to setup a new office for my company. Because it was a work trip there wasn’t time to stop and say hello to anyone (unfortunately). I arrived there around noon last Friday and I was gone around noon of the next day. My work tasks mostly consisted of plugging in and lifting personal computers for the 50 people at that office.

I’m still addicted to World of Warcraft. I’ve been playing for 5 weeks now and I’ve made it to level 37. This game almost makes me look forward to snowy days trapped inside.

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  1. Since you are living near Detroit are you a Lions fan? Because your Aunt Brenda is a Chicago Bears fan. Last week was excellant in overtime. Good game but the Bears won(for one season).Would love to hear from you sometime and send you pictures of your cousins.
    I wish you could see them. I wish I could see you.

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