Semi-anual life update

This is a list of books that you should keep your eyes open for:

  1. The Naming by Alison Croggon
  2. The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud

More to come in the near future.
I’ve been continuing to feed my World of Warcraft addiction and my latest enhancement was a headset for listening and speaking to other players. After a bit of fiddling around, more about I got Ventrillo installed in Linux and my headphone to work with it. As soon as I got it working, I realized my mistake. I was part of a group conversation with players who were all 16 years old. Not just one or two of them, but ten of them. Their choice of topics and vocabulary made me greatly regret getting my headset working.

Although I’m only twenty-five, I felt old and remarkably mature compared to the teens. I do and say stupid things every day, but nothing I say makes me sound like these kids. You know, that’s the real difference between me and them…I am not a kid anymore.

That’s a big admission on my part. I have secretly been clinging to the idea that I’m still a kid. A kid doesn’t have utility, housing, and car payments. A kid doesn’t make the same decision that their parents would make. A kid doesn’t think about those around them. I was embarrassed to listen to the conversation I was hearing because it really felt as though I was intruding. I can only hope I evetually encounter slightly more mature people playing World of Warcraft in the near future.
I’ve finally entered the realm of laptop-toting computer junkies. Yes, generic I bought a laptop.

My Dell e1505 arrived yesterday around 11:00 AM and I had linux installed on it by 11:30 AM. I popped in a new Ubuntu LiveCD as soon as I had the laptop out of its styrofoam and was surfing the web approximately 3 minutes later. I then double-clicked on the desktop icon that said “install this system.” As I browsed the web, ampoule Ubuntu installed in the background. It was great.

The onlythings that didn’t work out of the box were the wireless internet and the video resolution. Both of these issues were remedied after I left work. For the wireless issue, physiotherapist I installed the newest development release of ndiswrapper. The version of ndiswrapper found in the Ubuntu repositories isn’t new enough to support the latest broadcom wireless drivers provided by Dell for the e1505.

For the screen resolution problem I had to use a tool called 915resolution. Again, the version in the Ubuntu repositories wasn’t new enough to support my hardware. I downloaded the latest version directly from the author’s website and my problems were solved.
My recent posts (if you can call them recent) have been devoid of anything remotely personal. I will attempt to rectify that now.

As of yesterday, sick I was promoted to a system administrator/ SAN administrator. For those of you that don’t know what this means, gynecologist the abbreviated explanation is that when I make a mistake now, epidemic it effects hundreds of people instead of just individuals. If you decide to impress your friends by saying you know a system administrator, I suggest you begin your explanation by saying that I work with servers. If you need to say more, you should casually sprinkle some of the following terms associated with my job in a rambling, self assured description:

  • RAID
  • Enterprise Edition
  • disaster recovery
  • server
  • antivirus
  • Fibre Channel
  • backup

Both of the cats are still doing well. They chase each other around the apartment and always “inadvertantly” use me for traction. They also seem to have a leather fetish. As soon as they recognize something is leather, they want to sharpen their nails on it. I have to be very careful not to leave my shoes or leather coat out where the cats can enjoy them. It’s unfortunate that I can’t hide the leather, upholstered chair from in front of my desk. It now has thousands of tiny holes from sharp kitty claws. I have a feeling that the chair won’t stay with me forever, but I do enjoy it a great deal and would like to preserve it if possible.

I will continue with more in the near future following my decision about what further personal information I should provide.

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