Computer works and I’m still alive

This is a list of books that you should keep your eyes open for:

  1. The Naming by Alison Croggon
  2. The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud

More to come in the near future.
I’ve been continuing to feed my World of Warcraft addiction and my latest enhancement was a headset for listening and speaking to other players. After a bit of fiddling around, more about I got Ventrillo installed in Linux and my headphone to work with it. As soon as I got it working, I realized my mistake. I was part of a group conversation with players who were all 16 years old. Not just one or two of them, but ten of them. Their choice of topics and vocabulary made me greatly regret getting my headset working.

Although I’m only twenty-five, I felt old and remarkably mature compared to the teens. I do and say stupid things every day, but nothing I say makes me sound like these kids. You know, that’s the real difference between me and them…I am not a kid anymore.

That’s a big admission on my part. I have secretly been clinging to the idea that I’m still a kid. A kid doesn’t have utility, housing, and car payments. A kid doesn’t make the same decision that their parents would make. A kid doesn’t think about those around them. I was embarrassed to listen to the conversation I was hearing because it really felt as though I was intruding. I can only hope I evetually encounter slightly more mature people playing World of Warcraft in the near future.
I’ve finally entered the realm of laptop-toting computer junkies. Yes, generic I bought a laptop.

My Dell e1505 arrived yesterday around 11:00 AM and I had linux installed on it by 11:30 AM. I popped in a new Ubuntu LiveCD as soon as I had the laptop out of its styrofoam and was surfing the web approximately 3 minutes later. I then double-clicked on the desktop icon that said “install this system.” As I browsed the web, ampoule Ubuntu installed in the background. It was great.

The onlythings that didn’t work out of the box were the wireless internet and the video resolution. Both of these issues were remedied after I left work. For the wireless issue, physiotherapist I installed the newest development release of ndiswrapper. The version of ndiswrapper found in the Ubuntu repositories isn’t new enough to support the latest broadcom wireless drivers provided by Dell for the e1505.

For the screen resolution problem I had to use a tool called 915resolution. Again, the version in the Ubuntu repositories wasn’t new enough to support my hardware. I downloaded the latest version directly from the author’s website and my problems were solved.
My recent posts (if you can call them recent) have been devoid of anything remotely personal. I will attempt to rectify that now.

As of yesterday, sick I was promoted to a system administrator/ SAN administrator. For those of you that don’t know what this means, gynecologist the abbreviated explanation is that when I make a mistake now, epidemic it effects hundreds of people instead of just individuals. If you decide to impress your friends by saying you know a system administrator, I suggest you begin your explanation by saying that I work with servers. If you need to say more, you should casually sprinkle some of the following terms associated with my job in a rambling, self assured description:

  • RAID
  • Enterprise Edition
  • disaster recovery
  • server
  • antivirus
  • Fibre Channel
  • backup

Both of the cats are still doing well. They chase each other around the apartment and always “inadvertantly” use me for traction. They also seem to have a leather fetish. As soon as they recognize something is leather, they want to sharpen their nails on it. I have to be very careful not to leave my shoes or leather coat out where the cats can enjoy them. It’s unfortunate that I can’t hide the leather, upholstered chair from in front of my desk. It now has thousands of tiny holes from sharp kitty claws. I have a feeling that the chair won’t stay with me forever, but I do enjoy it a great deal and would like to preserve it if possible.

I will continue with more in the near future following my decision about what further personal information I should provide.
In the last week, price I’ve had over 650 spam comments on the site. I’ve installed a couple of filiters behind the scenes to stop the deluge…unfortunately I still have to do some administrative tasks related to the filtering process. I’m surprised that people make money by spamming comment forms because it seems there is a very low likelihood of successfully posting comments. Does anyone know if spammers make any money even if their comments aren’t visible to viewers the site (which is the case here at

In other news, shop I have some serious work coming up soon. I’m currently updating my company’s backup software to a newer version. I’ve been learning a great deal about this software for both Windows and for Unix. I am, of course, trying to convince the powers-that-be to start using Linux but I haven’t had any luck yet. I feel that the time is drawing neigh when I will get my way. Things like DNS servers just cry out to be running linux.
In my “spare time” I’ve been working on learning the ins and outs DNS and I have begun integrating linux and active directory. Pretty soon, there won’t be any reason to run Microsft products at work. Not only will my linux solutions work better than our current Microsoft products, there will be considerable savings.
I’m typing this from gate B20 of Chicago’s Midway airport. I find it strange that crowds are normally daunting for me, sildenafil yet this airport is not. There are multitudes of people surrounding me and I don’t know a single one of them. The bags range from floral, to red, to traditional leather. A man just walked past me carrying a double viola/violin case. I’m tempted to introduce myself to him, but he looks a little harried.

I think that most of the people surrounding me are in the first half of their lives. It seems unusal that so many people should be under the age of thirty. My only guess is that the age relates to income. I’m flying on Southwest Airlines…low cost. Those people that can afford it may be flying out of O’Hare on more expensive airlines.

I’ve been in Chicago this past week for training on how to use Veritas Netbackup. Although I’ve had classes Monday through Friday, I still had time in the evenings to explore the city a little. I’d been here a couple of times before, but spent my time downtown. I’m not really an urban person. On this trip, I found myself in the suburb of Oak Brook. In case you haven’t been there, Oak Brook is a hub of expensive shops and restaurants surrounded by 12 story buildings. Because I get to expense my meal costs, I was able to eat at restaurants I would ordinarily avoid. I was also able to visit the motherland: Fry’s Electronics. It’s a technology mecca that doesn’t exist in Cleveland but was fairly close to where I last lived in CA. I have missed it.

My flight leaves at 7:40 PM CST. I should be in Cleveland around 10:00 PM EST. Sounds as though I need to move…more later.
At the movies, rx you should not kick the seat of the person in front of you. Further more, you should correctly interpret evil looks from the person suffering through your resteless leg syndrome and move your leg. The large man sitting behind me tonight watching X-Men 3 wasn’t able to comprehend that. It was until I physically picked up him foot and moved it away from my seat back that I was worth his notice. He shot me a menacing glare for daring to violate the sanctitiy of his person.

In any case, I enjoyed the movie other than unwanted chair vibrations. I agree with the movie critics in saying that the spirit of this movie was significantly different from the previous two. This was not a movie so much about plot as it was about special effects. It was possible to find deeper social issues in the previous movies, but not in this one. Aparrently the 10-fold increase in production costs precludes hiring good writers.

Has anyone else noticed that as the production costs increase in movies, their plot value decreases? That trend is noticeable throughout today’s crop of films…from action films to dramas with blockbuster casts. I can guarrantee that Mission Impossible three will be the worst movie in history because a huge amount of money is being wasted on both special effects and on the cast. Even the presence of Philip Seymour Hoffman in the cast won’t be able to compensate for the huge amounts of money that will destroy the movie. I won’t even comment about the presence of Tom Cruise.

I suggest people that want a fun night at the movies to go see X-Men and enjoy it for its brainless entertainment value.
Katie and I are off to PA this weekend for some fun in the wild. This meant a crazy shopping trip to pick up a tent, medicine a camp stove, illness a lantern, salve and a cooler. I’ve always wanted a tent of my own. I used to visit REI with my family and I was always fascinated by the myriad of tents. Everything from A-frames to multi-domed castles complete with hallways could be found in a single store. Lacking both a local REI and the money to spend on an expensive tent, Katie found the cheapest tent at Walmart an acceptable alternative.

It’s a 9’x8′ single dome tent. Because the tent is colored red like a fire engine, we’ll have no trouble finding it at dusk. I’m afraid that the bright color might also attract more than other gaming websites. I guess we’ll see.

In other news, I changed the look of this website because my mom was having trouble reading my updates in internet explorer. It had been my sneaky plan in the past to make sure that my page only rendered correctly in a standards-compliant browser like Firefox, Opera, or Safari. It seems that habbit was able to overcome readability in the case of my mother. In the end I decided to change it because my mom is 50% of my audience.

I will be silent until I return from PA on Wednesday of next week.

Katie and I are back from the wilds of Pennsylvania. We enjoyed our four days and three lovely nights emmensely. I hadn’t been camping in quite a while but we managed to survive despite our general inexperience.

Out biggest trouble during the trip was the weather. Our first night it dropped down into the thirties. We were not prepared for the cold temperatures tand it felt as though we almost froze. We also weren’t prepared for a camp site floor made of stone. Combining the two made for an incredibly difficult first night’s sleep. After making it through the night, prostate our only thought was to find a way to get warm and to soften the floor of our tent. At least those were my two biggest problems. Katie may have had her own problems. You’ll have to ask her. In any case, sick a quick trip to Walmart (about 15-20 miles away) brought us into possession of two inflatable mattresses and a queen size bed comforter. It’s amazing how big a difference that made for us.

We also made our way to a couple of neat natural spots. These included a bog on top of a mountain and a deep spot in a creek called the blue hole. I hope to head back there at some point in the future with slightly better plans so that I can include some boating in the trip.

Since coming back to civilization, side effects I’ve been working hard. The unhappy part about being the person in charge of backing up servers is that any time a change is to occur on a server, I am expected to be at work for the duration of the mission-critical backup. This Friday was no different. I was at work till 2:00 AM waiting for my backups to finish. On the plus side, I know that I’m needed…though being a little less necessary would mean that I could have a weekend to myself. I guess it’s all part of moving up in the world of adult responsibilities.

For those of you that don’t talk to me very much in person, medical you may not know that I’m a very big Linux advocate. I mutter the word at least two dozen times a day. My reasons for doing so have evolved over time. I began using Linux back in 1999 as an alternative to WindowsMe. I was still recovering from my father’s switch from the Macintosh to Windows95. I also didn’t want to be the same as all the other kids at school. Me and my friend Brent bonded over this Mac versus PC issue not long after meeting. By the time 1999 rolled around, cardiology I was ready for a change and found an article on explaining how to install Redhat Linux to act as a web server.

It wasn’t until 2001 that I left Windows behind for good. It was, price again, mostly due to my desire to be unique. I was the only person in my dorm running linux at the time and I felt techically superior to my dormmates because I had the cajones to install and run Linux (SuSE and Gentoo).

Given that history, it was with some surprise that I realized earlier this week I was recommending that someone use linux on their PC because of its ease of use. Come to think of it, I’ve been doing that for some time now without realizing it. At work I have both a Windows desktop and a Ubuntu Linux desktop. When work absolutely has to get done without any excuses, I use the Linux desktop. I know that it won’t crash while working on a very important backup or document. When I have a coworker sit at my desk, it takes him/her longer to figure out how to use my Windows desktop than it does to use the Linux desktop. The typical tasks that a coworker might do include reading email, using a web browser, writing a document, accessing a server via ssh/telnet, or starting a CDE session on an HP-UX server.

Ubuntu Linux especially makes it simple to install software and change preferences. As a former helpdesk person, I’ve come to realize that more the majority of people using Windows don’t know how to install software on their computer. A friend or relativeis regularly called to installed software for these handicapped users. Complicating matters is that those users that do know how to install software tend to do so without thinking of the consequences of their actions. They tend to gather spyware and viruses on their computers until their computer gets so slow that they buy a new one.

Ubuntu is arranged so that it is very simple for users to install software without any unintended consequences. A typical software installation involves three bushes of the left mouse button and entering a password (for security). The software is automatically downloaded and installed without any further intervention needed by the user. Perhaps the best part is that once the software is installed, it tends to be easier to use than similar software found in Windows. Couple the ease-of-use with the free price and you have an unbeatable combination.

In sumnation I recommend you use Linux instead of Windows because it’s easier and safer to use than Windows while also being completely free. Give it a try.

My main desktop has died. That’s why my renewed posting efforts have slacked off somewhat. I hadn’t realized how much I relied on that machine. I still have another four desktops here I could use, unhealthy not to mention my laptop, but it just wasn’t the same. Last night I finally moved one of the other PCs into the living room and I’m typing on it now. Amazingly, it only took about half an hour to install the operating system and all the software.

Funny thing about my install time is that one of my coworkers was talking about an installation he did of WindowsXP one of his home PCs. He said that it took him several hours getting the drivers and patches installed. Why do people still use Windows if such practices are required?
My main desktop has died. That’s why my renewed posting efforts have slacked off somewhat. I hadn’t realized how much I relied on that machine. I still have another four desktops here I could use, unhealthy not to mention my laptop, but it just wasn’t the same. Last night I finally moved one of the other PCs into the living room and I’m typing on it now. Amazingly, it only took about half an hour to install the operating system and all the software.

Funny thing about my install time is that one of my coworkers was talking about an installation he did of WindowsXP one of his home PCs. He said that it took him several hours getting the drivers and patches installed. Why do people still use Windows if such practices are required?
With the rise of piracy in China, see
software companies there are finding they must change their business models to succeed in a society without unlimited copyright protection. Eventually, traumatologist
this could mean that Microsoft will realize it can no longer make money from its operating system and will pull support for it. At this time, free open source software (FOSS) will rule the earth.
Real estate has become my favorite subject over the last month or so. Who would have thought? This is largely because my single bedroom apartment leaves a little to be desired. I desire such things as sinks and tubs that drain, recuperation more room, there a place to put a bicycle. My immediate thought was to check out Cleveland’s Craigslist to find out what the current prices are for renting places larger than my apartment.

I quickly realized that there were a plethora of choices. I’ve been favoring a duplex in Lakewood because of some friends who had lived in a Lakewood duplex. Prices generally ranged from $550 up to around $850. It was my sister that pointed out that for the monthly price of renting half of a duplex, hair I could probably buy a house. She’s right. I looked into it some more and it really does look like I could afford the monthly payments on a smallish house of my own.

Several things are stopping me at the moment. First and foremost is my credit history. It isn’t that I have bad credit, it’s that I don’t have much credit history to look at. I’ve always been afraid that I would be seduced by credit cards into purchasing more than I can afford. Consequently, I have made all of my purchases with cash, check, or check card. It’s been a good way to avoid the large credit card debt that so many twenty-somethings have hanging from their necks. It has also made it impossible for me to get a house because no lender will give me a loan without a history to look at. I’m now building a credit history with a credit card and with a Dell credit account (my laptop was bought using this account). It’s a little strange to be intentionally paying interest charges on items I can afford to buy with cash. Oh well.

The other large road block in my home buying quest is the inconvenience of the whole process. Large amounts of paperwork need to be filled out, judgementally tromping through strangers’ homes, and moving all of my worldly posessions down three floors and across down are not what I call fun events. I think it will be worth it, though.

For those of you that didn’t know, tadalafil I spent the last week in southern California oto receive some training from EMC. I hadn’t been there in about ten years but I was surprised to find that I could still find my way around. I stayed in a hotel near John Wayne Airport in Irvine.

I visited El Toro, where I used to live, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, and Newport Beach. The weather was perfect the entire week…lower 70s with a clear blue sky every day. I got out of training between four and five every day which left plenty of time to wander around in the sunshine. I walked several miles around Dana Point and down Doheney beach on Monday. Tuesday saw me exploring the coastal parks and towns along the Pacific Coast Highway. Wednesday I explored Newport a bit and then went ‘swimming’ in the ocean. On a side note, it’s very rare than anyone actually swims at California’s beaches. Mostly it’s a form of wading through the waves. The highlight of my week was when I went kayaking Thursday afternoon.

My dad and I used to explore upper Newport Bay in a small rowboat or in our kayaks. I’ve missed being in a boat among the small marsh animals. One of my big reasons for desiring house of my own is that I’d like to have a place to keep things like kayaks. It just isn’t possible in my one bedroom apartment. The lack of space is also why I don’t have a bicycle.

I haven’t been much of an outdoor person in the last few months but my return to the coast may change that. I was reminded of how nice it is to be out doing things. The wonderful weather helped with my desire, though. We’ll see if the weather of Cleveland can help me to continue my outdoor life.

A while ago I said that my computer had died. It was dead for a long time while I saved up money to repair it. Somehow my processor bit the dust….that was a first for me. In the mean time, see I’ve upgraded it in other ways, nurse as well. I now have a RAID 5 array for my data volumes as well as a 650 watt power supply. With that amount of power, syphilis I could plug in any electrical device known to to mankind.

In other news, someone at work mentioned tha they read my web page. It scared me and I had to go back and reread everything on the site to make sure that I didn’t have anything incriminating on it. I’m safe.

I’ve written the first two chapters on a novel. I’m not entirely sure where it’s going…but it’s a good way to keep myself occupied. There have been other larger changes in my life recently that I’ll talk about later.

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