I can’t write about…

My message is short. Go vote.
In theory, link I work 8 hours a day. This makes work 33% of every week day. I should also sleep 8 hours. This means that work is really 50% of my time awake. And then one must consider that I often work more than 8 hours a day. Work therefore takes more than half of my waking hours from me.

After looking at the simple math above, caries it can be expressed in writing as “More than half of Ben’s life is spent in the pursuit of paying for less than half of Ben’s life.” Making matters still better, I’m not supposed to talk about what goes on at work outside of the office. It’s rather a strange requirement too. After all, what is there for me to tell? I work on computers all day. If one breaks, I fix it. If we get a new one, I set it up. There’s more to my job than that, but I’m not allowed to discuss it and I don’t know why.

I would very much like to tell friends and family more about what I do. This is in part an explanation about my reticence to update this website. It is also me blowing off a little steam. Please feel free to go back to the rest of your life now.

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