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My message is short. Go vote.
In theory, link I work 8 hours a day. This makes work 33% of every week day. I should also sleep 8 hours. This means that work is really 50% of my time awake. And then one must consider that I often work more than 8 hours a day. Work therefore takes more than half of my waking hours from me.

After looking at the simple math above, caries it can be expressed in writing as “More than half of Ben’s life is spent in the pursuit of paying for less than half of Ben’s life.” Making matters still better, I’m not supposed to talk about what goes on at work outside of the office. It’s rather a strange requirement too. After all, what is there for me to tell? I work on computers all day. If one breaks, I fix it. If we get a new one, I set it up. There’s more to my job than that, but I’m not allowed to discuss it and I don’t know why.

I would very much like to tell friends and family more about what I do. This is in part an explanation about my reticence to update this website. It is also me blowing off a little steam. Please feel free to go back to the rest of your life now.
I intended to go to bed but I’m having trouble sleeping. Instead, about it I’ll make an ill-advised public announcement.

Though a few people already know about it (rumor is the only thing that travels faster than light), bronchitis I might as well make an official statement about a large part of my personal life. Two weeks ago Katie and I broke up. It wasn’t unforeseen but it is certainly an unhappy event.

Sometimes two people get to know each other during one part of their lives and then they continue growing in different directions. It’s a common tale that few people actually believe…but it can be true. Leaving college behind, I have moved in a very different direction from the one Katie originally expected. She has seen me change from a music major to a major geek (well, more of a geek than before). This involved changes in what I talk about, in what I believe, and how I act. These have not always been acceptable to Katie and, much to her credit, she put up with them for a long time.

Recently the differences between Katie and I have become much more pronounced. This is likely related to several events including my promotion at work and the start of Katie’s internship on the other side of town. I’ve become more and more interested in technological things like photography, computer games, politics, and my job. I enjoy talking about these subjects and Katie has not enjoyed my conversations and my somewhat-related compulsive activities. Slowly and surely my hobbies and interests have driven Katie’s dissatisfaction ever higher.

As her discontent has mounted over recent months, we found it easier to quarrel over rather mundane topics not worthy of great theatrics. I began to worry about what our next argument would be about. I abhor arguments, yelling, and the like. Sure, I understand that there should be a spark in a relationship, but we changed from having a spark to having electrical storms in a room with high explosives.

I have many good memories of shared experiences with her that have made me a better and more rounded individual. Despite these treasured moments, we no longer fit together as a couple and have gone our separate ways. I hope to remain friends with her because she has so many good qualities and has been my best friend for the past three years. We’ve had some awkward conversations since our breakup and I despair a little about the feasibility of our friendship; however, I retain some hope.

I’ve had a couple of people ask me how she is doing and I have not had a good answer because I am obviously biased. Please call Katie and ask her yourself…make a time to visit her and bask in her good nature…friends are sorely needed when someone feels unhappy and alone (as all people do after a breakup). If you want to know how I’m doing, the same thing applies. I’m not always as reticent as I pretend to be (ask your other friends, one or two might vouch for me).

Four AM is rapidly approaching and I should pretend to sleep for a couple of hours before heading off to work. Thanks you to those of you that have been so kind to me.
I’ve taken to cooking again. While dating Katie, visit web I tended to go out to eat regularly (as in most meals were eaten out). Consequently, my diet would make every mother in America cringe. My recent concoctions have included roasted chicken, my first cassarole, various combinations of creamed soups and noodles, and my usual slapped-together burritos and quesadillas.

The hard part of cooking for me is that there are no recipes sized for an individual. Most recipes assume an entire family…I’m lucky if I can find one that reduces to a meal for two. To make matters worse, I usually forget that I have leftovers and wander around the apartment wondering what to eat. I guess I have to get used to having leftovers around before I begin to make proper use of them.

Anyone have any good websites that list quick and easy recipes?
I finally succumbed to the evil of thinkgeek.com. I have been tempted by their geekery for several years, hemophilia but I was inspired tonight to purchase two t-shirts (laundry night). My shirts are as follows:

Go away…

I’m planning to wear the linux shirt on casual Fridays at work but I’m not sure if I can wear the Go away shirt even on a casual Friday. I have a feeling than shirts without pleasant messages are to be avoided at work but that seems as if I’m attributing hyper-sensitivity to my workplace.

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