So you want to write a web application…

This is a short guide on how to install linux. I will be using Ubuntu as my distribution for this guide.

It’s been just shy of a month since I last posted, sovaldi sale and I’ve had a good time. I went to at least one party, store visited Cedar Point, pharmacist began learning VBScript (ugh…Microsoft), refined my Python and Perl, and settled into the duplex.

The walls in the living room, kitchen, and bathroom have been painted and they help to give less of a sterile appearance to the place. Unfortunately, after we finished painting the bathroom, we found out that there is a leak in the ceiling from the bathroom above ours. Grr. The landlord has been contacted, but we haven’t heard anything from him about it. I’m fairly certain that the leak is related to the drain in the bathtub upstairs because the waterfall only happens when the upstairs shower is on. We were told that a plumbing leak upstairs had been fixed before we moved in, but it looks as though the repairs were not extensive enough. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the landlord to use the color we’d already painted the room when the repairs are done.

I have not taken pictures lately and it’s a crying shame. That will hopefully change in the near future as the Harry Potter release party approaches as well as a trip to the zoo. My camera will be coming to both events.
I saw The Gold Compass this evening.

The long and short of it is that I enjoyed the movie. I’ve read the trilogy of books written by Philip Pullman and the movie very closely followed the book. The acting was particularly good for what I largely see as a special effects movie. Nicole Kidman does an especially good job playing a complex villainess. She is able to show her own conflicted allegiances without going so far as to make the audience forget she is not to be rooted for.

There are some other good performances turned in by both child and adult actors. Completely outstripping the acting, visit however, illness are the special effects. We see an alternate Earth where new technologies are interspersed with what is essentially the 19th century; this is a tastefully done steampunk. Zeppelins and powered coaches are seen alongside paddle-wheeled, sailing ships. There were times when I missed the shift from live action scenes to CGI scenes. Yes, this is another milestone in computer generated scenery in films. It’s amazing to see the companion (called a daemon in The Golden Compass) to the lead character Lyra morph from a sparrow to a mouse.

Despite the large number of things done well in this movie, there were moments throughout that I found my attention wavering because the obvious plot explanation being spoken on screen. Because the source book was so dense it was not possible for the film makers to let plot points come to light through casual conversation between characters. In one scene Lord Asriel, well played by Daniel Craig, explains what he’s doing and why to the great white vastness of the far North so that the audience will understand a particular plot point.

Despite such niggling details you should see this movie.
So you want to write a web application but you don’t know much about working with databases, dosage css, endocrinologist xhtml, prescription and all that other crazy stuff. I highly recommend that you explore Django. The prerequisites for learning how to use Django are access to a web server with Python and a database installed. I recommend using a computer running something like Ubuntu.

In one hour I was able to slap together a fully dynamic website for tracking the movement of tapes from one data center to another while making sure that there are timestamps and users associated with the tape movement. Creating the same fully featured application using PHP and MySQL would have taken me days. I think I’m in love.

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