I’m up late posting because I have a neat toy to play with on my website and I can’t sleep. This post is just a test of a cross-posting plugin for WordPress. If you don’t understand what that means, page web ask more or don’t worry about it.

About Me

  • Name: Ben Kimball
  • Occupation: Computer support
  • Hobbies: Computers, prescription treatment
    music, photography, etc.
  • Pets: Two cats named Ella and Clara
  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio

The basic facts are listed above. At this point, the general public can now begin to make assumptions about me. My name helps people to make a general guess about my ethnicity and gender. My occupation and hobbies combine to give a picture of someone interested in tech stuff. The pets will hopefully encourage the belief that I have a sensitive side (or just that I like cats). And my location tells you…well…where I live.

In regards to what you cannot gleam from the fact list, I suggest you read what I write on this site and follow the links that you find in the sidebar. The links are especially helpful because they will point you to other sites with other fact lists that I am interested in.

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